Best Mining GPUs

These are 6 cables needed when building a rig with that many GPUs. Let’s see how to build a 6 GPU rig for cryptocurrency mining 2021. If you’re struggling to buy a graphics card, relief may be on the horizon as cryptocurrency Ethereum is preparing to phase out GPU-intensive mining in the coming months. Laptop Mag has been testing and reviewing laptops for over 20 years. We test over 150 models annually, subjecting them to a series of rigorous benchmarks that exposes how they would operate in the real world. Still, a roomy chassis is preferred for crypto mining laptops, so keep that in mind.

Best Mining GPUs

But apparently there’s no GPU prestigious enough that it can’t be put to work mining cryptocurrency. Especially not when these particular models launched before Nvidia started adding hash rate limiters to its cards, intentionally crippling mining performance for certain currencies. The report also talks about the fact that Nvidia has introduced mining-focused cards as well as its hash rate limiter to try and combat cryptocurrency mining on gaming GPUs, while AMD has done nothing of the sort. It does seem to miss the fact that the RTX 3080 Ti has the hash rate limiter though, and so isn’t such a great option for mining, and certainly not in the same ballpark as the RTX 3090. Without one of the best mining motherboards around, your cryptocurrency mining rig simply will not reach its full potential.

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Gpu Mining Rig, 7 X Nvidia Rtx 3070 8gb, 435mh

However, the 3070 also costs less than AMD’s new cards and still has generally superior ray tracing performance, plus DLSS. It’s too bad all of the 3070 cards will likely continue to sell out for quite some time. The new RTX 3070 Ti delivers slightly better performance for $100 more, but also bumps the power use up by 30%, so we recommend sticking with the non-Ti card for now. The RX Radeon 6900 XT is technically about 5-7 percent faster, but it costs 54 percent more. That’s not a great deal, at all, especially since you don’t get more VRAM or any other extras. The RX 6800 XT provides a massive boost in performance and features relative to the previous generation RX 5700 XT.

Boasting a step up in better performance than the previous generation, is the RTX 2070. At a lower price point, it’s easy to offer some compelling reasons to upgrade to the MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 for gaming, design and content creation. Of course, it’s also among the leaders for the best mining GPUs currently. It has a heatsink designed for better heat dissipation, and Zero Frozr technology which can actually stop the fan in low workloads for less noise. It also has top hash speeds of 43.3 MH/s according to MiningCharts.

External Gpu Graphics Card Stand Mining Rig Support Pci Riser Crypto

Mining performance pretty much matches the 3070 (at least for the non-LHR models) and AMD’s latest gen cards, which means prices are often triple the official launch price. Also, 8GB still feels a bit stingy, considering the 1070 had that much memory over four years ago. Nvidia’s Ampere march continues with what might just be the best of the bunch. The GeForce RTX 3060 Ti has all the same features as the other 30-series GPUs, with a starting price of just $399.

How much can a RX 5700 XT mine?

RX 5700 XT BIOS Modding will increase your hashrate from 51-53MH/s to 55-58 MH/s based on how lucky you get with your card.

And, it touts many features that are actually usable from day one. It has been reported of delivering a 49.01 MH/s hashrate on the Ethash algorithm, and generating more than what is cryptocurrency $75 of monthly income, putting it almost on par with the 2080 Ti for much less. At the moment at least, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is the undisputed king of GPUs.

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You CAN buy pre-built but you can also put together a reasonable first machine from easily available components. This gives you control over the rig and allows you to upgrade at a later date if you want. You’ll need the following components, a clear space to build and access to one of the many excellent tutorials available online. The key here is to have an efficient power supply that will save you electricity costs in the long run. Whether you’re looking for the gold or platinum of cryptocurrencies, you need a good power supply unit for your rig. If the model linked above is not available, then theCorsair RM1000XandEVGA Supernova 1000are highly recommended .

What is the easiest coin to mine?

People who are looking for a mainstream coin that's still fairly easy to mine should definitely look into Ethereum. Unlike Bitcoin, that tends to have a very "chunky" proof-of-work algorithm, Ethereum has a lighter algorithm that's way friendlier to miners, and an ultimate guide to mining Ethereum for ease of access.

You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. The RX 6600 XT is based on the full Navi 23 chip and consists of 23 Compute Units running at a game clock of 2,359MHz. This YouTuber apparently had an MSI Gaming X variant whose core game clock is even higher at 2,428MHz. So, now that crypto boffins risk a run-in with the law if they continue their activities in the country, we might see an influx of top-tier GPUs enter the market.

Plus, it’s very hard to know how to rank anything given the current prices. That’s if we lived in another reality where there’s no graphics cards shortage, and the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti was actually available for $599. However, in the real world, the graphics card will likely sell for two to three times Nvidia’s MSRP, at least on places like eBay. The GeForce RTX 3070 Ti wasted no time in assaulting the upper echelons of our GPU benchmarks hierarchy. With the price of Ethereum is still so high, new graphics cards still represent a tempting option for mining.

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Over in China, a government crackdown on crypto mining has been so forceful that miners are selling off their graphics cards at list price or lower. In Vietnam and elsewhere, though, the draw of Ethereum or other crypto riches will likely continue proving strong, making the latest graphics cards even harder to buy for personal use. The Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti is still among the most powerful graphics cards out there, even in the face of its successors. It boasts Titan X-equivalent gaming performance and impressive cooling performance with 11 GB of GDDR5X memory. More importantly for those mining for cryptocurrency, this GPU can deliver a 21.63 MH/s hashrate on the KawPow algorithm, according to, and generate a healthy monthly income. It isn’t so readily available these days, but for those that can find it in stock, you might even find it on a deal.

The MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon is one of the best mining motherboards not just because it’s good at mining, but because it’s also good for gaming. You’ll get four DDR4 memory slots, plenty of ports and connectivity including Intel’s GAMING LAN with LAN Protect that is sure to appeal to hardcore gamers. And, it’s no slouch when it comes to mining either – with support for a total of seven graphics cards. For a seriously versatile mining motherboard, you can’t do much better.

Best Mining GPUs

For now, if you’ve always wanted an RTX 2080 Ti but couldn’t justify the cost, the price of entry has been slashed in half. Until AMD releases its next round of RDNA2 cards, which we expect in the first quarter of 2021, there’s nothing else that can challenge the 3060 Ti at anything close to the $399 price point. It’s percent faster than the 2060 Super, and percent faster than the RX 5700 XT, all for the same nominal asking price. For some, the best card is the fastest card — pricing be damned! At more than double the price of the RTX 3080, performance is only moderately better (10-15%) in most workloads. It’s basically a replacement for the Titan RTX, at a still extreme price.

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A mining rig based on GPUs makes use of the calculating ability of retail graphics cards to work through the mathematical problems generating new crypto coinage. Unlike ASIC machines GPU miners require a full computer to work. Although this makes them trickier to set up, they are far more household-friendly than ASICs. GPUs cannot compete with the speed of dedicated ASIC machines and are therefore suitable for coins resistant to being mined with an ASIC rig. ASICs have cornered the market on Bitcoin and its clones but the Ethereum algorithm and its offshoots work better on GPU rigs. Whether you want to connect six or 19 GPUs or you just want to run your PC 24/7 seamlessly, you can get the most out of your setup with great mining motherboards.

  • It isn’t easily available these days, but if you can find it in stock, you might even get it for less.
  • Ethereum Classic is also based on the Ethash proof of work algorithm, just like Ethereum.
  • I’m sure Nvidia will have to start nerfing the mining potential of cards so they can get back in the hands of gamers.
  • It’s a sizeable step down from the 3080, and has less than half the VRAM of AMD’s RX 6800 series cards.
  • The best mining motherboards will help your mining rig to function as a single cohesive unit, especially when combined with the best mining GPUs and best mining processor.
  • A “hash” is a fixed-length alphanumeric code that represents words, messages or data.

Once again, the recommended GPUs for ETC mining are NVIDIA and AMD cards. I’m sure Nvidia will have to start nerfing the mining potential of cards so they can get back in the hands of gamers. Lets see your best guess on when different graphics card will become widely available , feel free to attach the reason for your guess, and see who is right at by the end of the year. Since ETH mining is memory intensive, the video creator clocked his purported MSI core down to around 1.2GHz and overclocked the VRAM up to 2.2GHz, which is the limit imposed by AMD. As a result, the GPU power dropped significantly down to just 55W while doing 32.16MH/s EThash on DaggerHashimoto . The bad news is coming hard and fast for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

By halving the hash rate in its RTX 3080, RTX 3070 and RTX 3060 Ti cards, which Nvidia refers to as making them “Lite Hash Rate” or “LHR”, these graphics cards are less likely to be used in crypto mining. If there’s one miner in this list that can match PhoenixMiner Best Mining GPUs when it comes to fees, it’s GMiner. You can mine Ethereum with a mere 0.65% dev fee, which is currently one of the lowest for any popular mining software. It works with both NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, perfect for mining rigs with mixed graphics cards.

From there, get ready to mine for Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in no time. A good mining rig simply won’t reach its full potential without the right motherboard. Every PC builder knows that the motherboard is a vital component to any system as it interfaces all the other components, and that is certainly true for a mining rig. Also keep in mind that mining rigs are often run 24/7, which stress tests the motherboard, so, definitely don’t go cheap on this critically important part of your rig.

Author: Jamie Redman