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Germany Immigration

Germany has introduced the Germany Job Seeker Visa for foreign nationals who wish to travel to Germany and look for a suitable job for themselves.

Germany is currently facing a shortage of skilled workers across multiple sectors and professions. Germans are actively looking for aspirants from professional profiles, health specialists, scientists, engineers, and IT professionals.

With a mere 7% unemployment rate, there is the immense scope and massive career development opportunities for the ambitious, skilled workers who can meet the requirements and help overcome the resource shortage in Germany.

Why Settle in Germany?

One of the richest and the most powerful countries of Europe, manufacturing industries have been the foundation of Germany. It is a highly industrialized yet densely populated country and has a stable job market with an abundance of jobs in manufacturing, engineering, mathematics, trades, and IT sector.

Owing to the high growth rate and low unemployment statistics, it is undoubtedly an ideal destination for talented and skilled job seekers looking to work in attractive work environments. It also offers free education to all its residents and is considered to be the safest countries across the world.

Germany, a wealthy country with a thriving economy is seeking skilled professionals for well-paid positions. It encourages and invites young and qualified professionals to settle and work at prestigious locations across all cities.

What is the Germany Job Seeker Visa?

Germany Job Seeker Visa  is a long residency permit that allows foreign job seekers to stay in Germany and look for a job. These foreign nationals can extend their stay to up to 6 months. During the visit Modaf Expert De, the candidate can meet and network with potential employers to find a suitable job.

The job seeker visa is not a work permit. A candidate on a job seeker visa can-not begins working until and unless he/she receives a work visa. It is only after the work visa that the candidate can live and work in Germany.

If the job seeker gets an employment offer from Germany during his/her 6-month stay, he/she is granted the work permit or work visa from Germany itself. In most cases, the employer sponsors the work visa. Also, the validity of the work visa depends upon the employer.